Kumasi Charitable Foundation

Who We Are

KUMASI CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is a Georgia based non profit Corporation organized primarily to support projects in Ghana that focuses on food supplies and distribution, disease control awareness, treatment and the provision of medical supplies to hospitals and clinics all over Kumasi Ghana and beyond , as well as helping our community here in Atlanta Georgia through food supplies.
The idea of Kumasi charitable Foundation was once originated from Ghana West-Africa in a city called Kumasi in the early 90’s by Mr Kwadwo Boakye (Founder ) and was finally incorporated with a 501c3 status in the year 2013 by Mr Prince Alifoe (CO-CEO) and Mr Kwadwo Boakye in the United State of America in the state of Georgia where we both resides. Giving has also been part of us from our early childhood and also for the fact that both of us were born and bread in Africa Ghana, we understood the need and what it means to be hungry and not being fed in a while due to some uncertainties or circumstances beyond our control.
With that being said, We both understood what it means to give especially to those in need and One thing that we both have learnt from our early stages in life is that , we don’t have to be part of any problem, but rather, be part of the solution as well as support those around us especially those in need when we can.
Up till now , it gives us joy to give and expect nothing in return and our inspiration has been nothing other than the feelings and smiles t hat comes from the face of the people that we have supported and also for the fact that we as humans can all attest that hunger isn’t funny at all especially when you don’t have what it takes and the support to feed your self and your family.



Kwadwo (Kojo) started The Kumasi Foundation because
had a passion for helping people. He observed the need in his community to
provide a service and add valueto uplift the people of Kumasi and others in the country of Ghana.
The plan to start The Kumasi Foundation in Kumasi, Ghana started out as a cooperative in 1990. The KumasiFoundation was registered as a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ghana in 2013.
After moving to the United States, Kojo thought that it would be a great idea to register The Kumasi Foundation as a 501 (c) (3) in the state of Georgia. In 2014, his community encouraged him to move forward with his dream. Since its inception, The Kumasi Foundation has served thousands of families and communities in need in Georgia and Ghana by providing food, clothing, medical supplies, transportation assistance along with many other services.
Kojo’s dream and vision for The Kumasi Foundation is to create value
and provide a service to help those in need.
“We need your help today to supply FOOD & CLOTHING to families in Kumasi. MEDICINES
and medical supplies are increasingly scarce in the era of COVID your help is urgently needed today!