Kumasi Charitable Foundation

Monthly Gifts

Why making a monthly gift is a great choice:

Your Donation Can Change Lives

There are multiple ways you can assist Kumasi Charitable Foundation

A most effective way to make a difference.

The ongoing support of monthly donors, who we call Champions, helps to ensure that Kumasi Charitable Foundation has resources to be there for families lacking foods and basic amenities, every single day.

An easiest and most convenient way to give.

Make one monthly gift today, and know your charitable giving is in place for the entire year to come – no further action required.

Less stress in December

By setting up your monthly gift today, you can relax in December knowing your tax-deductible giving plan is already in place for the end of the year.

You can cancel at any time.

If your situation changes for any reason, you can always change or cancel your gift with a simple phone call.

Donate Your Time.

Together We Can Change The World!